Raising Anti-Racist Children

When the events of last week unfolded and set our country on a much needed path for change, my immediate thoughts went to my son. What am I doing to raise an anti-racist child? What kind of a world will he grow up in? How will he contribute towards ending the cycle of racism against BIPOC?

Children, afterall, do much of what we do vs what we say. The discussion at large made me think long and hard about our behaviors and thoughts towards race and how this will influence our child’s thinking. It also made me revisit some of my questions around raising a biracial child and how he will relate to his own race and identity.

So I did what I always do. I started researching. This list is a starting point of information, resources, events and book lists that I curated from all over and plan to use as a guide going forward. Some are small things, but I have always believed the small things add up. I hope it can help others as well.


Books for Me

Resources & Articles

Children’s Books

Workshops and Events

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