The Hidden Bali Inn

Beautiful “homestay," meaning that you are in a guest house in a local property (all the Balinese people live in family compounds) and I…


Very good - same people as Yoga Barn (similar menu to the cafe at Yoga Barn).


Vegan, coconut milk based ice cream that's infused with superfoods and Crystal energy. Need I say more?


So delicious! Plus a great vibe.

The Seeds of Life

Raw vegan. Love this place, they have an insane elixir bar! Literally all the superfoods, adaptogens, herbs, and functional mushrooms one…

Coconut Warung

Amazing tahini smoothie. If you stay at the Hidden Bali Inn you will pass this place regularly!


Heard amazing things!


Heard amazing things!

Bali Silent Retreat

Magical, highly recommend. Highlight of my trip. Wayan drove me there so he knows where it is if you need a driver (it's a little…

Spiritual Stuff

This guide is amazing (click link below). I went to Chorkda Rai the healer, and did a theta healing session with Erika and Taksu. Both…

Sang Spa and Yoga Centre

A little bit nicer than the typical place, great massage. I went to Sang Spa 2 but couldn't find it on the map!

Karsa Spa

AMAZING - I had the best massage of my life! It’s a bit of a trek but you can hop in a cab or it’s a beautiful long stroll up the…

Radiantly Alive Yoga

Preferred over yoga barn. Take Michela’s classes if she is teaching— they are hard but amazing!

Taksu Yoga

Small, nice classes. Such a beautiful setting. They also have a restaurant on site as well as wellness practioners you can work with.

Water Temple

Really cool— just make sure not to get the water in your mouth. I think I got sick from that.

Tour Guide/Driver

Wayan— tell him I sent you if you need a driver! Here’s his email: Wayan Contra,

Bali Buda Store

Great health food shop with some sweets and beads as well.

The Yoga Barn

This is where everyone goes to do yoga! It's big and has lots of classes, but I didn't love all the ones I took there. It's a beautiful…

AmrtaSiddhi Ayurvedic Center

Ayruveda center. You can go for a single treatment (I did abayangha), a docto consult (did that too), or do a multi day panchakarama.

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