LA’s Best Takeout 🥡 - Quarantine Edition

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite LA restaurants that are still open and serving the fine people of Los Angeles. I hope you’ll support them in addition to becoming more creative home cooks.

If you have any hesitation about ordering takeout or delivery from a covid-19 perspective, HERE IS A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO FOOD SAFETY from Serious Eats that is incredibly well researched to help alleviate your fears! The gist of the article: it’s safe, support your local restaurants!

All options are pick up OR delivery unless otherwise stated with a suggested order based on my favorite items. The link goes to the delivery option if that’s avail!



Vito's Pizza

Multiple locations. Get any pizza with red sauce and meat.


Get the Bee Sting Pizza and the Little Gem Salad.

Lodge Bread Company

This is typically my favorite spot for big salads and eggy brunch things, but right now they have DIY takeaway pizza kits!


Wax Paper

Multiple locations. My favorite sandwiches are the Terry Gross and the Larry Mantle, but the options shift based on which breads are…


Pick up only - The cheeseburger is to die for, and so is their Little House Salad (it has cornbread croutons) and basically any of their…

Honor Bar

Pickup only - The burger and the veggie burger are both bonkers.

Cassell's Hamburgers

Get a burger (or a cheeseburger) and don’t forget the sweet potato waffle fries.

Little Dom's

Typically this is a great brunch/Italian dinner spot, but their deli is doing great sandwiches and they have Zapp’s potato chips (try the…


Mariscos Jalisco

Pick up only - call (323)528-6701 - Get the shrimp tacos and nothing but the shrimp tacos.

Tacos Por Favor

Multiple locations. Grab a big al pastor burrito and be the happiest couch potato.

La Azteca

Pick up only - call (323)262-5977 - The chile relleno burrito will actually explode your brain.

Madre Restaurant

Multiple Locations - Get any mole, that’s what they’re known for.



Another location downtown. I’m very fond of the lamb kebabs, but it’s all great!

Sunnin Lebanese Cuisine

Multiple locations. The hummus and the fattoush salad are delicious if you’re looking for something light and healthy.


Din Tai Fung

Multiple locations. The pork bao, the cucumber salad, and the beef noodle soup are all perfect.

Peking Tavern

The dumplings are made in house every day, grab any of them.


The chewy noodles are the holy grail, get them with or without beef.


Pick up only - Everything is tasty.



Park's BBQ

Their jap chae and gal-bi are my favorites.


Men Oh Tokushima Ramen

This is probably my favorite bowl of ramen in the city, grab the spicy tonkotsu variety! They also make a very good vegetarian ramen.

JINYA Ramen Bar

Multiple locations. The spicy tonkotsu here is very good if you can’t get to Men Oh.

Sushi Gen

Pick up only - call (213)617-0552 - It’s just the best sushi.

Jewish Deli

Nate n Als

This is not perfect food, but they have any Jewish deli standard that you could ever want, and I love it.

Birdie G's

They make an excellent relish platter and matzo ball soup.

Wexler's Deli

Though they are known for their pastrami, I prefer their smoked Turkey Sandwich, The McCarthur Park, and their The Big Salad.


This place is all about the pastrami on rye.


Lady & Larder

Beautiful healthy lunch options to go as well as any artisan cheese your heart desires.


Everything they serve is delicious and fresh and will make your day.


Jon & Vinny's Fairfax

I could take or leave the pizza and pasta here but the meatballs with focaccia are the best meatballs you’ll ever have, they also make…

Other Finds

Traktir Restaurant

Russian. Call to place order for pick up or delivery (323)654-3030 - The Russian dumplings, pelmeni, are excellent… also, the horseradish…

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