Favorite Cookbooks

My all-time favorite cookbooks. Many have great ideas for pantry ingredient recipes!



This is my favorite book for salads and sauce inspiration. Everything in it is so well tested and delicious.


My favorite Israeli cookbook of all time! If you want to get better at making the classics, this is your book!


Veggies! Got strange veggies in your CSA box this week? This book is vegetable heaven with a zillion great recipes!

Aloha Kitchen Cookbook

If you want a perfect combination of easy delicious recipes and fun weekend activities this book is for you. Amazing proteins, perfect…

Molly on the Range

I love this book for classics. If you want something comforting that feels like a friendly hug, this is your book!

Kale and Caramel

My fav book for creative ways to eat vegetarian! The flavor combinations are exciting and unusual.

Cool Beans

Since we're all on the bean train right now, this book is super helpful finding fun ways to use them up that are often simple and always…

The Art of Simple Cooking

You just need this book. It's home to the best lasagna of all time and a hundred classic Chez Panisse gems!

Made in India

This book is perfect for getting a handle on Indian basics. The recipes are really clear, they always work and the flavors are really…

Everything I Want to Eat

If you want fun Califonia brunch and healthy-ish light meal options, this is a great book to have on hand!


Stress-free, classy AF recipes that will make your day better.

The Phoenicia Diner Cookbook

I just got this book, as it's brand new, and I love all the diner staples. I find that right now I'm really gravitating towards homey,…

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