Austin Bachelorette! 👯‍♀️

A list of the spots we love and all the spots we were recommended that didn't get a chance to try for my bachelorette party in 2017. The spots we tried all have ratings attached.

Shoutout to Mary G., she supplied the vast majority of these recs and is an ALL STAR.


Neighborhood info

"Dirty 6th"

As Mary says: 6th St between Congress Ave and Red River St. Has been compared to Bourbon st in New Orleans; it's essentially where all the…

West 6th Street

As Mary says: 6th St between San Antonio and West Ave; where you go out once you've "graduated" Dirty 6th. Best area in her opinion for…

Rainey Street Historic District

Basically old bungalows turned bars between new apt high rises and food trucks. Good both during the day and at night.

East Austin

Mary says Austin's "Brooklyn." Lots of cool spots and restaurants amidst pawn shops and party stores. Our Airbnb was in this neighborhood…

South Congress

Mary says: this is one of the areas Austin is most famous for. Lots of eclectic shops, food trucks, good restaurants, some cool bars too.…

Recs we got (that we didn't try)

Maggie Mae's

One of Mary's recs if you decide to do Dirty 6th.


One of Mary's recs if you decide to do Dirty 6th. She says to go to the roof for people watching on the street.


Mary's rec for a chill vibe on Rainey st. Good both day and night.


Mary's rec, says good day or night.


Mary says awesome cocktails.


Mary says great oyster bar and restaurant with an adorable/fun patio space and cocktails. Probably a wait so try to go early. Good for…

Café No Sé

Mary says: cute/classy brunch and or lunch spot; great food and adorable atmosphere; it's right next to a salon called tenoverten if…


Mary says: my favorite TexMex brunch or dinner spot in Austin. Great patio on the East Side. Good margs. Get the migas if you go for brunch.

Hillside Farmacy

Mary says: another adorable farm-to-table girly brunch spot on the East Side; their fries are SO good...really everything here is good;…

Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden

Mary says: Sunday brunch only--if you're around for Sunday brunch, go here. It's a beer garden and sausage house (that serves much more…

Abel's on the Lake

a little away from the downtown area (10 min tops), but a fun spot to get a boozy brunch overlooking Lake Austin (FYI ppl go for the booze…

Activity idea: Paddle Board the Lake

Mary says: Town Lake is not fit for swimming but it's fun to take paddle boards out or kayak if you're into that. There are several places…


One of Mary's favorites for dinner. She says: Cool spot inside a new hotel just off Rainey Street. I think this place followed by a night…


Mary says: Sister restaurant to Uchiko. These are the best restaurants in the city according to many including yours truly (if you dont…


Mary says: Sister restaurant to Uchi. These are the best restaurants in the city according to many including yours truly (if you dont…


One of Mary's favorites, she says: cool new restaurant everyone is talking about now - haven't been but I'm going tonight! Supposed to be…


Modern Thai spot that's awesome - apparently they play 80s music and hip hop on either Friday or Saturday nights and it can be a fun seen…


Warning: the website is a trippy. This is a great french restaurant that's pretty far east.

Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile

One of Mary's favorites, she says: Great food, farm to table, sort of fancy southern, awesome steaks especially, they do all sorts of…

Ranch 616

Mary says: Good food, much more casual than other options, reallyyyy different/interesting in a great way; very Austin, very Texas; order…

Swift's Attic

Mary says: It's right on Congress Ave (center of downtown), delish "iceball" drinks, the menu changes all the time so I don't think you…

Places we loved

Where we stayed

Cute airbnb - we had 12 girls so we added on the bonus house. Two blocks to Veracruz!!!


Chilled here all day one day and it was lovely. You're technically not allowed to bring booze in and they're pretty strict, but somehow we…

Container Bar

I *think* this is where we late nighted after Icenhauer's, and there was like a massive outdoor party with a DJ, a DJ that happened to…


Had a blast dancing here, played great music. Loved bopping around all up and down Rainey st.

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