Distraction Guide for Election 2020

Goes without saying, but if you haven't already voted, VOTE!!!!

Now that that's out of the way, in anticipation of a highly-anxious waiting period, I've been gathering recommendations for ways to self-soothe leading up to today, and I'd love to know yours as well! We can get through this <3 The zanier suggestions, the better!


Alison Roman's Sticky Apple Cake

As Alison Roman says, if you're baking, you can't be doomscrolling Twitter... and this apple cake is easy, one bowl, and looks delicious.

Grossy's Vodka Sawce

No better time than to make this gorgeous take on a classic comfort food. Mostly pantry ingredients, too! Thanks, Grossy <3

Smitten Kitchen's pumpkin bread

This is a towering, craggy pumpkin bread with a crisp cinnamon sugar lid that is impossible not to pick off in deeply satisfying bark-like…

Equilibria Bath Bombs

Another rec from Grace Atwood + The Stripe Facebook group! I've never tried the bath bombs but this week seems like the perfect time to…

The Great British Bake Off

Sometimes, you just need to watch people bake cakes, bread, biscuits and mold chocolate to distract from current events. The 2020 season…

Talula Skincare

Don't forget about self care! Pamper yourself, and these products from Talula Skincare are well-loved for a reason.

Ted Lasso

Very cute, light show that I think you'd enjoy, Liz! Great distraction :)

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