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Taco Crawl

El Ruso

C&C Leslie's favorite on her taco crawl.

Dry River Brewing

Not tacos, but close to other taco spots. C&C Leslie went here on their taco crawl.

Taco Van

Thomas' friend and LA native says the best tacos are in a van in this Whole Foods parking lot.

Other Finds

Plush Puffs

A gourmet marshmallow toasting bar.

Temescal Canyon Trail

CoJ city Guide rec - two and a half mile loop takes you by ocean views and 100 year old trees.

Eames House

CoJ city Guide rec. Private residence of American designers Charles and Ray Eames. $10 to tour the outside, reservations required. Can…

The Underground Museum

CoJ city guide rec - looks like a storefront but is an incredible gallery. Some of the best contemporary art in LA.

The Broad

CoJ city guide rec - Need advanced tickets like weeks in advance.


Alina rec - consignment shop.

Slow Clothing

Alina rec - perfect vintage store for staples and unnecessary interesting pieces.

Watts Towers

America's most famous piece of self-built architecture.

Garden of Oz

Hidden in the hills of Hollywood, this secluded Oz-themed garden is dotted with dozens of thrones.


Disco fries and grilled cheese and spicy tomato soup 🤯

Poppy + Rose

Supposed to be a great brunch spot. Definitely want to try.

Nimbus Coffee

Who doesn’t need a satirical urban wizardry-themed coffee shop in their life?

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