Park Slope

The places in Park Slope I want to try, or have been to and love ✨



Bar Goto Niban

Always packed. Second cocktail bar from Goto, who also has Bar Goto in the LES. Had the yuzu hot toddy and the kombu celery (kind of like…

Jintana Thai Farmhouse

Love that they use local veggies and ingredients. Pad Thai was just okay imo, other dishes were better.

Dirty Precious

Charming little cocktail bar (technically Gowanus but I go often enough feels like my neighborhood 😜)


Delish cocktails. They have a clarified milk punch on the menu!


Infatuation likes. Standard American Thai food.

Bar Basic

Good place to grab a drink before Danbo.

The Soup Bowl of Park Slope

Aside from giggling the whole time because of how much it resembles the famous soup shop in Seinfeld, this place is great. A smorgasboard…

Doughnut Plant

Brooklyn outpost, original location in LES. They have both yeast and cake doughnuts, and you honestly can't go wrong with any of them..…

Bowl & Blade

Quick and healthy grain bowls, salads and etc. Bonus: they use DeliverZero.

Roma Pizza

LOVE. But don't get the vodka pizza 🙅🏻‍♀️ (artichoke's is better)

Shoe Architects

Really nice guy. Fixed my purse in less than 5 mins and charged me $2. They also text you when your order is ready!

Prospect Park

Bike around Prospect Park! Plenty of Citi bike stations to grab one.

Artichoke Basille's Pizza

🚨 VERY IMPORTANT 🚨 the vodka slice is delicious here and the only one worth getting imo. For any other slice, go to Roma.

Sip Fine Wine

Absolute best prices on organic and biodynamical and natural wines I've ever seen. Plus they have "sister" tees 🤣

Ramen Danbo Park Slope

SO GOOD! Each component of every order is a la carte (noodle thickness, firmness, umami level!!). Our go-to neighborhood spot for sure.…

Miti Miti

Mole and chicken BBQ nachos are DELISH

Bagel Pub

So happy they opened another location closer to us 🥰


This meal ROCKED MY WORLD. I was able to squeeze 3+ meals out of the veggie combo for 1, which is an incredible value. I got the mesir…

Brooklyn Frameworks

Really great neighborhood spot with fair pricing and unique prints.

al di la Trattoria

So so SO good. Right now they have to go cocktails, and I dream about their sgroppino with pink lemonade 🥰

Cafe Regular Du Nord

Super quiet! Good coffee. I sat out here when I was looking for an apt so will always have a special place in my heart. They also serve…

Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

Every single thing they have is amazing. Bonus: they have large containers of several liquid soaps in the back for you to refill your own…

Hunan Delight

Reliably delicious takeout spot. They’re so fast it’s insane and the food is basically scalding when it arrives (in a very good way). Our…

Yardsale cafe

Amazing coffee shop/vintage store. Baked goods are INSANE... that cheesecake!!!

Simple Loaf Bakehouse

Sandwiches are excellent, baked goods just aren't as good. Head to Julien a few blocks north instead

Pasta Louise

Really like this place! Do a lot of cute neighborhood events (movie screenings, etc.). Got the coffee beans which are really good too.

To Try

Lincoln Station

Same owners as Al di la. Good breakfast says the Estoks

Runner & Stone

Dying to try this place, love their fresh pastas

Mission Dolores

On infatuation's Brooklyn happy hour list. Covered patio, allows dogs.

Bagel Hole

Coop dude recommended. Said smaller bagels with great texture, not crazy about the lox.

Olivier Bistro

Park slope heaven rec (“v cute and v good”)


Neighbor says good pho


Parkslopeheaven rec


Supposed to have a great brunch! Fish tacos are good too.

Other Finds

Lizzie King’s Parlor

Food was fine, good neighborhood spot. Want to check out the backyard when the weather's nice.

Ha Noi

Pretty good pho and cute ambiance.

5ive Spice Tacos & Banh Mi

Was decent. Not bad not anything super special. There are definitely worse places to go before an event at Barclays. Note: cash only.

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