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Best Lemonade

BA's best lemonade. Go light on the sugar, add chocolate mint herbs to the zest to steep if possible --- * Potentially muddle herbs…

apple and honey pizza

I dressed the greens with an oil + honey dressing before topping the pizza, and drizzled balsamic over the whole pizza too. Also, use…

breakfast burritos

Delicious and freeze beautifully. Burrito composition is key - aka evenly distribute the cheese and eggs ;) and double the cheese, while…

decadent hot chocolate mix

SO EFFIN GOOD. Type of milk doesn't matter (I made it with oat this most recent time) but it's worth it to not use water.

Molly Yeh's Roasted Potatoes

Loved this method of cooking potatoes, but didn't make the paprika mayo (opted for simple salt and pepper with roasted bell peppers too).

Sopa Azteca

Really delicious. Every single time.

Quinoa and Kale Pilaf

We've made this so many times over 8+ years we're honestly sick of it now but it's so good. Usually do onion instead of shallot and pine…

cinnamon sugar scones

These were AMAZING. Next time I'll double the batch and store the extras in the freezer <3

Favorite Fall Salad

Just as the title says, this is my favorite fall salad. Sweet and crispy roasted butternut squash, hearty kale dressed in my Garlicky…

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