Fun Ways to Connect Remotely

Some fun ways to connect--with people and animals--from afar 💕


Connect with humans

Stay Home, Take Care

A social distancing care package of resources, activities, and recommendations from the Girls’ Night In team. For each new email…


You can play heads up, trivia and a few other games remotely with your friends with this app. So fun!

Board Game Remix Kit

This is so clever! It takes boards and pieces to games you already own (like Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, etc) to create new games to play…

Jackbox Games

Play one of several games virtually! Depending on the game, there’s typically a small fee.

Escape Game Kit

Escape rooms at home! Seems so fun, and they have options for all different ages.


Some really nice stranger put together a google doc of games

Connect with animals

Coral Reef Cam

A livestream of the coral reef from Monterey Bay Aquarium. 12:30pm-8pm Pacific time.

Other Finds

Missing Sounds of New York

Love this Missing Sounds of New York, an album by The New York Public Library on Spotify. Found via

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