To Try


"best restaurant in NYC rn"

Di An Di

Great pho (everything else?). Jake Cohen rec


On infatuation list for prospect heights


Looks so cute. A CoJ reader recommends the lobster rolls.


Sister to Lilia

La Vara

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn.


Wetzel’s fav work spot

Llama Inn

Looks cute. Bumpin on a Wednesday.


Famous ramen chain. One in Midtown, one in BK. Rec from C+T.

Cafe Patoro

Little Brazilian place with amazing mini sandwiches. Awesome coffee too. Try a brigadero


Chris Dealy says amazing

Maison Yaki

Jake Cohen rec.. cauliflower okonomiyaki


Great patio, says resy


Tapas. Ana rec.


Francis Lam rec


Close to prospect park, infatuation rec


Ben rec. Mole carrot cake situation


Michelin-starred Mexican food. Drew saw it on a show and said it looks amazing.


DeKalb Market Hall

Gigantic amazing food hall with a ton of legendary NYC food vendors (KATZ'S 😱). Try to avoid during prime hours (weekend nights)...…


New BK favorite

Pels Pie Co.

Cute, quiet coffee shop with yummy homemade fritattas.

Yemen Café

Delicious, authentic Yemenite food. The aroma inside the restaurant is worth it alone 🥰

Kingsway Bakery Plus

RUN, DON'T WALK to this gem of a place that transports me right to Marzipan bakery in Jerusalem. Best sufganiyot and incredible pita.

Biggie Mural

A tribute to Big Poppa himself. The mural was recently almost torn down, until the local community rallied to turn it into an official…


Adorable little spot, great cocktails.


Really really delish. Good cocktails too.

Clover Club

Great spot for cocktails. Apparently they have great live music per Shruti (she was there on a Weds)

The Bell House

One of my favorite bars in NYC. Plenty of space, great music, and fabulous events happening all the time. Reasonably priced and great vibes ✨

Dirty Precious

Great cocktail bar, reasonably priced. Good place to grab a drink on the way to Bell House.

Nature Based

Great little nursery with food scrap drop off on Sundays 🙌🏼

Brighton Beach


Xachapuri (Georgian flat bread filled with cheese). Also can get sandwiches at "Volna on the go"

Gambrinus & Co

From nycgo: King Gambrinus is the patron saint of beer, which should give you a good idea of what to expect at this Russian fish palace in…


Authentic Russian experience and show.

Royal Seafood

Great place to pick up some goods on the way back (right across from the Ocean Parkway Q stop).

Close to Brooklyn Steel

Little Dokebi

Korean food; 9 min walk. Infatuation likes (their notes in attachments). Cash only. --- * Little Dokebi is about a 10-minute walk from…


Mediterranean; 12 min walk.

Selamat Pagi

Indonesian; 12 min walk. Infatuation likes (their notes in attachments). --- * After eating fried chicken or a bacon cheeseburger, you’d…


American/Mediterranean. Infatuation likes (their notes in attachments); 8 min walk. --- * If barely being able to hear each other is your…

Other Finds

Pete's Candy Store

Trivia on Wednesday nights - hardest in the country, allegedly 🤓

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