Quarantine-Friendly At Home Workouts

These are some of the best free (or free for a week+) workouts that I like, let me know if you know of others! ♥️


305 Fitness Cardio Workouts

If you haven't done 305 before, it's the most fun you'll ever have working out. Here are some of their cardio workouts, they also have…

Melissa Wood Health Method

Yoga/pilates workouts available for a 7 day free trial, and $10/month after that. A series of slow controlled, low impact movements…

Down Dog HIIT

‎High Intensity Interval Training app that's free until April 1st. With pre-recorded videos, you get bored, and so do your muscles! Avoid…

‎Down Dog Barre Workouts

‎Barre workouts free until April 1st. From the developers of the highest rated Yoga App, Down Dog, Barre gives you a brand new barre…

Down Dog Yoga

‎Yoga workout app that's free until April 1st. With Down Dog you get a brand new yoga practice every time you come to your mat. Unlike…

The Sculpt Society

14 day free trial! The #1 Dance Cardio and Sculpting Workout taught by Megan Roup.

Les Mills on Demand

Tons of available classes of many different types. My sister is a bodypump instructor and loves it! Thanks for the tip Anne 💕


Free fitness app that also is partnering with Baby2Baby to donate basic necessities to families who need them.

NEOU - Welcome to the New You

NEOU is a live streaming and on-demand service where you can access thousands of workouts and wellness classes from the top fitness…

Cardio Body Burn

15-Min Cardio workout from home from JJ, and amazing NYC-based 305 instructor. Every Monday he posts Cardio Groove and Wednesday, Cardio…

GET ROWDY Cardio + HIIT workout

ROWDY online digital is kind enough to share an additional free class with our community. Use code “COMPELLD” to get an additional free…

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