Brooklyn, NY

In it for the bagels.


Hostess Gift Ideas

Some of our favorite gift ideas for hosts and hostesses 💕

Park Slope/Prospect Heights

The places in the area I want to try, or have been to and love ✨

Ann Arbor 💙

My favorite spots in one of my favorite places on Earth 〽️💛😍

New York City [escapes]

Some potential escapes from the city. Thanks to for the majority of the inspo :)

NYC to try

Stuff in NYC that I’ve been recommended and can’t wait to try.

TV To Watch Next

Would love to know what you think I should watch next!

Dog-Friendly 🐶

Some of my favorite resources, places and products for dog parents 🐾💕

Princeton Recs 🐯

Recs from my sister Anne!

Cozy/Comforting Recipes for 1 or 2

It’s gonna be a long winter 🥴 some cozy recipes I’ve been bookmarking with smaller serving sizes.

Best Hot Cocktails in NYC

On a quest for the best hot cocktails this winter ❄️ Lots of the spots here from this NYT article:…

Atlanta Favorites

I lived in atl from 2010-2018 so it will always have a special place in my heart. Here are my favorite spots, as well as the places I want to see…

Support Black-Owned Businesses

Listicles, Google docs, even other apps that all contain dozens (hundreds!) of Black-owned businesses worthy of your support.

Cute Masks

Cute masks I’m finding (either I have them and love them or are recommended).

Best Heated Outdoor Dining in NYC

While we’re still amidst a pandemic, I’m somewhat specific in what I’m looking for - for safety reasons, I don’t want an enclosed situation that…

Anti-Racism Resources

***Please know, I am not an expert! These are some authoritative, widely-shared anti-racism resources I’ve found, please feel free to share others…

Essential NYC

My quintessential NYC list, including podcasts about its history, my favorite spots, and even info on how the neighborhoods were named!

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights 🎄

From Your Brooklyn Guide, the key areas: • 84th Street between 7th Avenue & 13th Avenue (this is also where you will pass the Lucy Spata House) •…

Cozy Blankets + Accessories for Outdoor Dining this Winter ❄️

Determined to continue supporting local restaurants throughout the winter, I'd love to know your favorite cozy, functional albeit chic blankets and…

Favorite Holiday Movies ❄️

Would love to know your favorite movies to watch around the holidays! Classic and timeless, or quirky and silly--I want them all.

Culture From Your Couch

A roundup of free, virtual art museums, exhibits and events. Many of these finds linked below has dozens of exhibits within them ✨

Distraction Guide for Election 2020

Goes without saying, but if you haven't already voted, VOTE!!!! Now that that's out of the way, in anticipation of a highly-anxious waiting period,…

Astoria To Try

Greek food in Astoria, Queens that is supposed to be INSANE for next time I'm in Astoria.

FiDi Lunch + Coffee

(With some exceptions)


All the places I personally tried and loved as well as those I’ve been saving for my next Euro trip 😍

Favorite Quarantine Recs

Some of my favorite recommendations I’ve gotten during quarantine.

Indoor Rowing

Just got an indoor rower in quarantine, want to save the resources I’ve found! 🚣🏻‍♀️

Highly Bingeable, Streammable Shows and Movies

We need to be indoors for hours and hours, which in 2020 means one thing: what show should I binge watch?

Quarantine-Friendly At Home Workouts

These are some of the best free (or free for a week+) workouts that I like, let me know if you know of others! ♥️

Stuck Inside Recipe Guide

Some recipes I love or want to try that use most, if not all, shelf-stable/pantry ingredients... as well as some projects that are worthy of the…

Learning in Quarantine

Fun, free ways to learn something new.

Ways to help during the COVID-19 outbreak ♥️

This is time of great need for many of us. Here are some ways to help your community, if you're able.

Fun Ways to Connect Remotely

Some fun ways to connect--with people and animals--from afar 💕

New Orleans

Places I love and want to try in New Orleans.

Perfect Food Day in NYC

My perfect food day is simple: get a bagel and a coffee, walk to a park for a picnic, and then coast around the city from there. I give you a…

Philly Recs from Great Jones

Great Jones featured incredible Philly chef Michael Solomonov and Bon Appetit drinks editor Alex Delany - here are their Philly spots.

Alison Roman's NYC Chinatown Recs

Places Alison Roman has recommended from her instagram, I adore her 💕

Great Reads

Things I've read and loved.

Theater District Food/Drinks

A few places I've been to and a couple places that look good for next time.

Austin Bachelorette! 👯‍♀️

A list of the spots we love and all the spots we were recommended that didn't get a chance to try for my bachelorette party in 2017. The spots we…

SE Asia

A combination of the places we loved when we went in 2017, and the places that have been recommended that we'll try next time.

Wisconsin Recs from Wolverines

Recommendations for Milwaukee/Madison from Wolverines.

Good Dish List

A list of some of the best things we've eaten and drank within the last few weeks. What's on your list?

Holiday Spirit in NYC

The holidays are a time of year rooted in tradition, but there's also a certain levity to it all that encourages you to seize the day. In this…

Recipes [InstantPot]

Instant pot recipes I've tried, and want to try.

NYC Pickle Crawl 🥒♥️

A pickle crawl around the uws and les, with some stops for sustenance along the way.

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