Ann Arbor Best Eats

My favorite eats from my favorite hometown (basically what I eat when I’m back home and not cooking).



The best Korean food. The lunch deals are awesome but I usually go for dinner and get the jajangmyun or cold noodles in the summer.

Zingerman's Bakehouse

Not the deli but the bakehouse (the deli is also great but super crowded). This is where they bake their bread so it’s super fresh…

Mani Osteria and Bar

My favorite pizza. No reservations and expect a wait. I’m still trying to replicate their pickled tomatoes.

TK WU Ann Arbor

Huge portions of Chinese food. They’ve got your Americanized stuff but go for something you’re unfamiliar with. I guarantee it’ll be good.

The Lunch Room

Vegan cafe in cute Kerrytown. A great spot for lunch or dinner.

Dom Bakeries

My dad would go out of his way at least twice a month for these donuts.

Comet Coffee

Beautifully brewed coffee by some of the friendliest baristas. Also nickels arcade is a great people watching spot.

Blank Slate Creamery

Yes there will be a line even when it’s cold out but the ice cream is worth it.

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