Taipei Notes - Winter 2020

This was a whirlwind trip but I still made it to a great assortment of restaurants! Here's my rundown of the places. The highlight was the Palais De Chine where the banquet menu was just amazing.


Sit Down Experience

Le Palais (inside Palais de Chine)

This is a well deserved Michelin 3 star experience. I can't remember the last time I had so many outstanding dishes in one meal, from the…


Came for lunch and was unimpressed. While the tasting menu was touted as a "best dishes of 2019" lineup, I don't think the overall quality…

Anytime Food

Banana Blue Coffee

Coming from the birthplace of Blue Bottle Coffee, I had to check out this Banana Blue coffee shop that uses practically the same blue…

Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei (Zone A)

Terminal 2, upstairs right after customs next to the EVA Garden and China Air Dynasty lounge. Good enough option if you have a Chase…

Other Finds


Very dependable chain of massage studios across Taipei. Very cheap when compared to US prices. Don't let the late operating hours fool…

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