Masterclass Courses Reviewed

You've seen their ads all over Facebook so the question is: are the courses any good? The answer is: it totally depends on the instructor. The impeccable production value still won't make up for classes that just feel like a long form interview. Here are my notes for the ones I've watched.


Penn & Teller teach the art of magic

This is the model course for Masterclass: engaging, instructive, and relatable. Obviously the fact that they are seasoned entertainers is…

Thomas Keller Cooking Techniques I

I liked watching Keller’s intro here, which is a fast but comprehensive tour through the basics of kitchen equipment and techniques on…

Annie Leibowitz teaches photography

Annie takes great photos but can't teach or explain any of it. It’s mostly her flipping through iterations until she says “I love it”.

Natalie Portman Teaches Acting

Natalie talks in mostly generalities about her experience, with some moments that show her process. Perhaps someone who is already versed…

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