NY Bagels in San Francisco

This is a simple reference for New Yorkers looking for bagels in San Francisco. Take away: you'll have to travel to Berkeley.


New York Style

Boichik Bagels

It happened, it really, finally happened! Not only are these true New York style bagels, they are really good ones, as affirmed by…

Poppy Bagels

Good effort on hand-rolled, boiled bagels. The chew is definitely there, but the flavor is lacking; Boichik still wins easily. While the…

Not New York Style

Katz Bagels

Dependable. (Unfortunately will be permanently closing in 2020).

Holey Bagel

Decent attempt. I give props for being a long time neighborhood joint.

Noe Bagel

It's fine. This place is in a toss up between Holey Bagel that is a couple blocks away.

Posh Bagel

Meh, maybe if you spent 5 consecutive weeks eating only cabbage soup before eating a bagel here, you might be forgiven to think these are…

Midnite Bagel at Tartine Bakery

Over baked, with an overpowering flavor from the "naturally leavened" that makes these decidedly far from NY style. There is a good chew…

Daily Driver

Too small, too spongy, too lacking. They insist that they are neither NY or Montreal style, which is fine, but they are definitely more…

Just Round Bread

House of Bagels

The interior and items for sale may resemble a NY deli, but that resemblance does not extend to the bagels.

Noah's NY Bagels

Not even close. The branding here is some kind of reverse psychology I am not familiar with.

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