NYC May 2019 trip report


Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Had the ribeye, great sear and correctly medium rare. Only got a hint of the dry aging though. Could have used some salt and pepper…

Bluestone Lane

Cappuccino was light on flavor, they also dust with cocoa powder by default.

Num Pang

Got the grilled chicken rice bowl, pretty good for a food court place. Rice was well seasoned and coffee correctly.


Food was mixed. Lemon pasta tasted like they dropped an entire lemon in. Porchetta main was excellent. Drinks were refreshing. Noise level…

Yoon Haeundae Galbi

Nice space and consistent food, but seems like they use the same seasoning/marinade for everything. Excellent service.

Nish Nush

Falafels are good, but overall sandwich is okay.


Simple Japanese fare, good everyday place.


Great variety of Street food. Crack'd egg sandwich is awesome.

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