SF Pizza Rankings

Best pizza always depends on what kind of pizza you like (I prefer Neapolitan). Let me break it down by style; ratings are out of 5.

N.B. This is from an old post of mine that is nearly 10 years old, but generally still a good list.



Tony's Pizza Napoletana

Hands down the best pizza in the city. If you don't like Tony's, then you can stop trying out other Neapolitan pizza joints because there…

Una Pizza Napoletana

SF location CLOSED. This shrine to pizza is easily on par with Tony's, if not better. There's nothing but a handful of pizzas on the menu…

Zero Zero

The latest from Bruce Hill (Bix, Pizzeria Picco), it's a very strong contender in the pizza space. I went the first week they were open,…

Pizzeria Delfina

Delfina was my gold standard for years. I like that they're a bit reckless in preparation. The broccoli raab is surprisingly good. For…

Flour + Water

These guys were the darling of the press last year. Crust texture is perfect, though I think it's a tad on the salty side. (visited: 2012)


Not too bad, but a bit bland. They are the only kitchen certified by the more prestigious Verace Pizza Napoletana…


Crust texture is excellent, but I can't help but compare their tomato sauce to canned sauce. That leads to a flat taste overall. (visited:…

Pazzia Ristorante Italiano

I rarely see Pazzia mentioned, but I think they do a fantastic job. I believe that they use a sourdough crust. (visited: 2013)


They have a technically perfect pizza, but something about it just fizzles on delivery. Their flavors kind of border on California Pizza…

Thin Crust

Pizzeria Avellino

A relatively new NY-style joint by the Presidio that does a very good job at approximating a slice from the big apple. Avellino's keeps…

Pizzetta 211

As "Californian" as you can get -- this is a tiny place that serves different pizzas every week using as much locally sourced ingredients…

Arinell Pizza

Another long time NY-style hole-in-the-wall. Nothing stellar, but a solid slice to be had, especially late night. (visited: 2012)

Escape From New York Pizza

I've never been disappointed at Escape, but I've also never been before 1am when pretty much anything tastes amazing. (visited: 2014)


Great all-around for dinner. Their pizzas are fine, but nothing to really write home about. Go for the excellent cocktails, stay for the…


Decent flavor, but their crust is more towards a flatbread than the pizza crust made by all the others in the category. (visited: 2014)

Gioia Pizzeria - San Francisco

Not too bad if you’re stopping in for a slice, or taking a pie home. I strongly prefer this over Patxi’s down the street.

Deep Dish

Little Star Pizza

I generally don't like deep dish, but Little Star's classic deep dish is as perfect of a deep dish as I can imagine. Their cornmeal crust…

Golden Boy Pizza

They make a Roman style slice but use foccacia bread, which makes for an excellent crispy/chewy slice. Definitely worth a try just…

Patxi's Pizza

Clearly the populist's choice for Chicago-style, with 4 locations in SF now. Boring, is all I can say. And with the minimum 30-40 minute…

Zachary's Chicago Pizza

Not in SF, but you can't have a conversation about pizza without someone bringing it up. I find Zachary's to be insipid, with a crust…


Pi Bar

Good flavor, flagging crust. They claim to be NY-style; it's about as New York as Noah's Bagel's is for bagels. (visited: 2012)

Goat Hill Pizza

Another that has a strong local following, Goat Hill uses a sourdough crust. I have Goat Hill more often than I like and every time their…

Zante Pizza & Indian Cuisine

These guys make Indian pizza -- that's right, think tikki masala as a pizza topping. Super greasy and usually too soggy by the time they…

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