TV shows you haven’t watched but should

These are mostly “under the radar” TV shows I really enjoyed but didn’t quite make it to the top of the charts during their tenure, even though some picked up critical acclaim along the way.

If you’ve already seen The Wire, Breaking Bad, et al., I think you’ll find many of these to be just as satisfying to watch.


Justified (TV Series 2010–2015)

Great writing that brings together old Western style, cop drama, and subtle humor. Such a fun show to watch. All 6 seasons are great.…

Rescue Me (TV Series 2004–2011)

Denis Leary and his cast of firefighters are hilarious here. First few seasons are fantastic. Created by Denis Leary, Peter Tolan. With…

The Shield (TV Series 2002–2008)

This is the cop show that wasn't like other cop shows of its era. Really engaging, lots of action. The shaky cam is a little much at…

The League (TV Series 2009–2015)

Guy humor at its finest. So many quotable lines to come from this. If you consider yourself a guy's girl, you might like it too. Created…

Fleabag (TV Series 2016–2019)

Eminently bingeable series that takes dark humor to the next level. The writing is just superb. Created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. With…

Extras (TV Series 2005–2007)

Probably the best "Hollywood behind the scenes" show around. Tons of A-list cameos that turn out hilarious self deprecating scenes with…

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