SF shaved ice/bingsu rankings

Asian-style shaved ice dessert is not your mother's Slush Puppy. The desserts start with very finely shaved ribbons of ice (more like chocolate shavings than crushed ice) and then are buried in a variety of sweet toppings. Bingsu is the Korean variety that tends towards the sweeter end, while Taiwanese shaved ice tends towards the savory side. Branch out and try the bean toppings if you've never tasted them in a dessert.



U:Dessert Story

The best of the bunch. This is a bingsu place is always packed, often with a college aged crowd so you know it's good because it's nowhere…

OH Dessert Cafe

Really good, though just not as good as u: dessert. Definitely worth a stop when you're in the Inner Sunset.

Na Ya Dessert Cafe

Expensive and bland. The Hayes Valley location is great, but that's about it.



A Taiwanese style shaved ice place with rotating toppings. Not bad if you're looking for a snack on a warm day, but it's not going to blow…

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