Covid-Friendly Valentine's Dates 2021



Go glamping! Try your hand at the outdoors in a warm and cozy way during these colder days! In the warmer areas, you can hike outdoors…

Board Games

Have a night of board games! It's a great way to spend your night and have some fun with your partner after a special dinner. You can…

Virtual Wine Tasting & Livestreaming

Treat your significant other this Valentine's Day to a live Virtual Wine Tasting (6:30PM ET on 2/14) featuring three bottles of City…

Ceramics Session

Get into clay making with a ceramics class or see if you can get into a studio near you for a clay making session with your partner. It…


Book a mini staycation with your partner on Airbnb or at a hotel or resort to celebrate Valentine's Day. It'll be a private getaway you…

Yoga With Adriene

Get your heart rate up a little and stretch with your partner! Do yoga together and you will both feel great afterwards.

Bicycle Ride

Take a bicycle ride together. Explore your city, town or neighborhood together or just go for a ride. Get some exercise and some fresh…

Blue Ribbon Sushi - DIY Kit for 2

Make your own sushi with your partner! The fish and ingredients will be shipped right to you so you'll have everything you need to make…

DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Make your own matcha green tea and cocoa powder-flavored mochi ice cream balls with your partner! You'll enjoy spending time together in…

Face Mask Tie Dye Kit

Tie-dye face masks with your partner! It may not be the most sexy activity, but it's something you need, so you mine as well get creative…

Walking Dino Kit | Toy Dinosaurs

Build a moving T. rex. or Tricerotops with this easy-to-assemble, motorized, wooden kit. You'll have lots of fun with your partner…


Take your partner bowling! Have fun on the lanes and enjoy a little competition!

Mini Golf

Go mini golfing with your partner! Who wouldn't enjoy a game in the sun?

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