Celebrating Chinese New Year!


About Chinese/Lunar New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Red Envelopes

Celebrate the Chinese New Year tradition of giving money in red envelopes!

Momofuku Pork Buns - 12 Pack

Order a 12-pack of the famous Momofuku's Pork Buns! All you have to do is sear the pork belly and serve with the steamed buns!

Lunar New Year Recipes

Cantonese Cha Guo Savory Rice Cakes

Cantonese Cha Guo (茶粿) or “tea cakes” are a savory treat made with sticky rice flour, stuffed with a filling of pork, mushrooms, shrimp…

Savory Tang Yuan

Savory Tang Yuan are sticky rice dumplings filled with pork, salted radish, and mushrooms, perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year & the…

Turnip Cake (Chinese Lo Bak Go)

Turnip cake is a traditional Chinese snack served at dim sum. Our family turnip cake lo bak go recipe uses Chinese sausage, dried shrimp,…

Red Braised Ribs

Make these red-braised ribs, known as hong shao. Tester’s note: If you want spicier ribs, add the maximum amount of Sichuan peppercorns.

Lunar New Year Collections

Tory Burch Lunar New Year Collection

Celebrate health, happiness and prosperity with the Lunar New Year Collection from Tory Burch. Enjoy free shipping on your order at…

Sugarfina Lunar New Year Collection

Celebrate the Year of the Ox with our Lunar New Year candy collection. Shop beautiful gifts dressed in festive red and gold designs,…

Lego: Story of Nian

Order this Lunar New Year Lego edition. It comes back in stock soon, so order yours now on Amazon!

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