Love In The Time of Coronavirus


Rules of Dating

Be Healthy

Make sure you're healthy when you're dating. Practice social distancing, wear a mask, wash your hands and get tested. Those dating can…

Be Up Front

Be up front about what you're looking for and whether you are willing to meet up in person or not. Bumble now allows users to post a…

Virtual Communication

Virtual communication is critical. Be resourceful and get to know each other through virtual communication like Zoom, Facetime, Google…

Virtual Dates

So you're quarantining and dating, who says you still can't have dates? Here are a few suggestions for virtual dates: - Order the same…

Socialize and Dine Outdoors

Socialize and dine outdoors. Date and take your activities outdoors. Here are a few suggestions: - Meet for a drink on a patio - Low…

Practice Safe Sex

Practice safe sex. It's recommended to keep sex virtual during these times unless you're married or living together as a couple. Or as…

Keeping the Romance Alive

Alone Time

Be sure to get "alone time." This is crucial. You must separate yourself from your partner from time to time. This will give you some…

Date Night

Plan a date night. Have it scheduled on a regular basis. Here are a few suggestions: - Game night: Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess,…

Work In Separate Rooms

Work in separate rooms. Now that you're co-habitating 24-hours a day, you're going to discover each others work personas and it's going…

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