Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Here's a list of gifts for your partner to celebrate your love on Valentine's Day. Surprise your partner with a gift or two on the list!


Sexy Truth or Dare

This adult, couples version of the childhood game includes 50 pick-up sticks with sexy truths and dares.

Love Is Art Kit

With this kit, couples can turn love into art in the bedroom, as the bold black non-toxic body paint takes shape on a white cotton canvas.…

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

These heart-shaped tea bag make that pick-me-up-cup even sweeter. Made in France.

What I Love About You by Me Book

Answer this small hardcover book's simple prompts with heartfelt sentiments (or racy disclosures!) When you're done, it'll spell out…

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

These connected couple's bracelets let you stay in-touch across any distance. Touch one and the other lights up and vibrates.

Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

It's a "love fern!" Straight out of the popular romcom, "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days." You can gift a "love fern" and watch the romcom…

Le Creuset Heart Cocotte, 2 qt.

Le Creuset Heart Cocotte, 2 qt. Le Creuset’s cast-iron promotes even heating, making it perfect for slow cooking, braising meats,…

Happy Socks

Unisex I Love You Crew Socks Gift Set. Set of 2 pairs of crew socks: 1 red with Cupid, 1 black with hearts.

Eternal Roses

Lennox Small Gift Box. Four beautiful preserved roses in an elegant, gold-embossed gift box. Preserved roses last up to 3 years.

Theragun Mini

Offers quality deep muscle massage treatment with unparalleled portability. Includes Theragun Mini, soft case, standard ball attachment…

Lovebox Messenger Color & Photo

The Lovebox Color & Photo sends messages, photos and drawing to loved ones from anywhere in the world. When your message is received, the…

Fresh Red Rose Petal Bunches

Decorate and celebrate with colorful rose petals. Our assortment is hand picked and packaged just before shipment to arrive fresh and…

Valentines Day Kiss Wreath

Spell out your affections for that special someone this Valentine's Day. The whimsical arrangement is made of four handcrafted letters,…

Heart Adult & Kid Aprons

Adorned with bright red hearts, Valentine's Day aprons are perfect for parents and kids who love to cook together. The sturdy aprons are…

Mini Valentines Day Cupcakes Set of 12

Share the love with these bite-size cupcakes, baked in four fresh flavors and hand decorated with affection. Chicago-based More® prepares…

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