Jeremiah Brent - Get The Look - Outdoor Oasis - 2 September 2020

Featured in Jeremiah Brent's Newsletter on his website: These items may contain affiliate links.

As written by Jeremiah:

There is one thing that living in New York City is guaranteed to teach you: outdoor space is never to be taken for granted.

Having a small outdoor oasis has become a huge lifesaver in the city.

When it came time to renovate and design, we knew that we would have to keep things far simpler than what we were used to. Our previous home in LA hosted a backyard large enough for a koi pond, 300 year old oak tree, gardens, a pool… you name it.

With essentially 10 main pieces, we were able to make an outdoor getaway. My advice: whether you have access to a 3ft x 5ft patio or a window ledge, keep your pallet simple. Let the greenery and the life of the city be the color.


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