Chrissy Teigen Recipe Development Ingredient List

This is a list of ingredients I would like Chrissy Teigen to develop recipes for, for her third Cravings cookbook. She has never developed a recipe containing these ingredients. Please upvote the ingredient you would like her to develop a recipe for or add a suggestion if you wish.


SPAM Classic

Pork with Ham, Salt, Water, Modified Potato Starch, Sugar, Sodium Nitrite. Gluten-free.


Preferably fresh, but frozen if you can't find them fresh.


This is packaged, frozen squid. They usually have fresh squid at Whole Foods.

Preserved Lemons

Bought a jar of preserved lemons for a recipe a while back and would love some more ideas for what to do with these.

Tamarind Paste

I have a jar of this stuff after making pad thai a little while ago, would love to know what else I can do with it!

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