Best Spots for Pickup During Covid19

So many places have unfortunately had to shut their doors during this time, but luckily some places have kept their doors open for pickup/delivery. These are some of my faves!


Mama's TOO!

Best pizza in the city imo. Definitely try the Cacio e pepe, vodka, or pepperoni pies, SO GOOD! Also they’re doing weekly specials of…


AMAZING breakfast sandwiches when you need a fix, check out the mushrooms and egg sandwich or the chorizo, both come on homemade sourdough…

Emmy Squared – Upper East Side

Possibly the best burger in the city (their fried chicken sandwich is also incredible) as well as their interesting selection of Detroit…

Flip Sigi

So many fun and interesting Filipino/bar food type eats, their burger is 🔥🔥🔥 as well as their longanisa, egg and cheese burrito, it’ll get…

Win Son

Their breakfast sandwiches and fantastic, as well as their burgers and other dishes. They’re offering breakfast and evening hours with…

Jacob's Pickles

For goodness sake get the Mac and CHEESE!! Also any of their chicken sandwiches are incredible. Just be warned they are so gigantic I…

Brothers Ravioli

Too many awesome Italian dishes available for takeout to even mention, and some of the best sandwiches around, FOR SURE check them out!

Anthony & Son Panini Shoppe

So many awesome sandwich options here, grab a different sandwich every day, it’ll take months to get through the entire delicious menu!

The Doughnut Project

We could all use a stack of some delicious donut treats these days and these guys do it best!

Magnolia Bakery

BANANA PUDDING, chocolate or regular is available in store and red velvet is available online, SUCH GOOD COMFORT TREATS!


Burger, big bird Sando, and honey butter tots, would literally eat these things for every meal for the rest of my life and per completely…

Fedoroff's Roast Pork

Unbelievably good sandwiches, the roast pork with broccoli rabe and the pork roll with egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches are out of control

Sophie's Cuban Cuisine

Their pernil with a twist sandwich is incredible, and their empanadas are some of the best I’ve ever had!


So many amazing menu items, the porchetta sandwich will change your life!! This place is awesome, and a really great little market as well…

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