My fave sandwiches in NYC


Faicco’s Italian Specialties

The Italian special from here is PHENOMENAL, such a classic Italian hero, best ingredients and SO STACKED omg I’m obsessed

Fedoroff's Roast Pork

The philly style roast pork sandwich from here is INSANITY, broccoli rabe, rosemary gravy to dip it in, it’s one of the best sandwiches…


Their EggBini sandwiches (Japanese style egg, cheese and your choice of avocado, bacon, etc...) are SO GOOD!


FANTASTIC hot and cold Italian style sandwiches, and some of the best bread ever, goodness gracious this place is awesome

Crack'd Food Concepts

They’ve recently changed their name to EggDays, but they’re still cranking out INCREDIBLE egg sandwiches, with a Japanese influence, so so…


The Porchetta sandwich from Mekelburgs is OUT OF CONTROL GOOD! Crispy porchetta on a roll, it is insanity!

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