Moshe Grundman has been the Executive Chef at Nerai since November 2017. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Moshe developed a love of cooking at an early age from his father. Moshe’s Mediterranean upbringing influences his preparation of Greek cuisine, and he infuses traditional Greek dishes with a unique Mediterranean flair. A graduate of the prestigious French Culinary Institute in New York City, his past experience includes working as the Sous Chef at Michelin-starred Oceana and heading his own kitchen at Sixty5 On Main in Nyack, New York. Moshe brings with him to Nerai a unique style of cooking, expertise with exotic and high-quality ingredients, and influence from various cultures around the Mediterranean.


Favorite Neighborhood Restaurants

Some of the spots I like to go to in the UES.

Street food to try in Jersusalem

Some guidance on which dishes to try when you're ready to try some incredible Israeli street food.

Favorite Cookbooks

A list of my favorite cookbooks, across genres and cuisines.

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