Jess Davis


Brooklyn, NY

My name is Jess Davis. I’ve been called an activist, multi-platform storyteller, creative director, artist, and thought leader for the digital wellbeing movement. But if you ask me I’m an expert on making meaningful connections through creativity in the screened-in world. I write A Very Folk Rebellion, a newsletter for humans navigating the confusing crosshairs of humans, real life, and the new modern world. Part philosophy. Part journalism. Part nostalgia. Zero parts interviewing self-congratulatory megalomaniac tech moguls. I’m also the Founder of Folk Rebellion, proud mama to an eight year old boy named Hays, giant Poofandland owner (Or Newfypoo, Noodle, Newfy-Doodle, GAH they’re all ridiculous to say out loud!), partner to a magnificent Irishman named Mikey, Brooklynite, luddite, country mouse and city rat equally. 100% over it all.


Balancing the Very Online World During Covid-19

The world is very suddenly - very, very, very online. Here are some tools, tips, tricks and lists of things you can do to balance your technology…

My Brooklyn Guide

20 years in my favorite city. Here’s my reccs.

My 8 Favorite Things

If you were to size me up in 8 links... here it is.

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