Balancing the Very Online World During Covid-19

The world is very suddenly - very, very, very online. Here are some tools, tips, tricks and lists of things you can do to balance your technology during the crisis.


Shutdown Social Media

These virtual portals into other peoples worlds might make you feel less alone in the moment but in fact the end result is leaving you…

Start a newspaper ritual

I’ve done the research. Newspapers delivered are safe! If you get your newspaper delivered a human hand doesn’t touch it and it’s wrapped…

Journal, historical archive

Every day might feel stressful or in one minute you feel calm and in the next you feel hysterical. The days are melting together and you…

Circadian rhythms

Or better yet just get reacquainted with your body’s desires. Now that work is shut down and schools have shut down and the factory line…

Go ride a bike!

Put on your mask, pick a route, blast some tunes. Just make sure to wipe down the bike wear gloves and go get lost. It’s the most free I…

Old photos challenge

All we have is time to do all the projects we always said we would do but never did. Go under your bed pull out the dusty shoeboxes and…

Good Life Project Podcast

I am lucky to call Jonathan Fields a friend and mentor. He’s been turning out amazing podcast episodes for years. Besides his interviewing…

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