Taking Action

A message from Compell'd on the actions we're taking as an organization in our own Anti-Racism education.

The things we do, see, try, read, learn, share--especially those outside of our comfort zones--have the power to change our perspectives and connect us more deeply with each other. This belief is part of what unites this community.

To further uphold that belief in an era when it matters most, as a company, we must speak out against systemic racism by listening, learning, connecting and taking action. As an organization, we have:

  1. Donated funds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.
  2. Resolved to do to more to amplify the voices of our BIPOC community members. We are proud of the diversity in this community, but will do a better job representing BIPOC community members going forward.
  3. Curated and shared our own evolving lists of resources and actions to take (shown below). We hope you will use these lists to further educate and take action in your own networks.

At its core, Compell’d is designed to help you connect with others by experiencing and sharing the things you are compelled to do. With the amount of important content being circulated right now, we hope you turn to Compell’d as an indispensable tool to learn and share new things that lead to much needed change.

In solidarity,
Shruti Joshi, CEO and Co-Founder and Team Compell'd

Anti-Racism Resources

Several widely-shared, authoritative anti-racism resources as saved by our Director of Product Management, Liz Shader.

Raising Anti-Racist Children

This list is a starting point of information, resources, events and book lists that our CEO, Shruti Joshi curated from all over and plans to use as a guide going forward. Some are small things, but the small things add up. She hopes it can help others as well.

Ways to Take Action

Curated by our CTO Johnvey Hwang, these are resources for those that want to jump start or dive deeper into the long standing and pervasive ways that racism has and continues to shape our society and our laws.

Support Black-Owned Businesses

A list (containing many lists) of Black-owned businesses, constantly being updated!

Originally posted to our community on June 6, 2020.

June 19, 2020

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