Michele Delory, Founder of Modern and Minimalist

Michele uses her deep expertise in all things organizing and decluttering to help her clients live with more joy... finding ways to support her local Toronto community in the process.

If there's anyone who could get us exited about minimalism, it's Michele Delory. Based in Toronto, she brings her unique, warm and inviting spirit to the minimalism philosophy that too often can feel a bit intimidating. Pared with her mastery of the KonMari method, she has a wealth of expertise on creating the best home environment for each of us... and lucky for us, her recommendations now live in Compell'd. Learn more about her, below.

You created Modern & Minimalist in 2016, and went on to be one of the very first Canadian Certified KonMari Consultants, which is incredible. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you became the organizing & decluttering expert you are today.

In 2015, I had been laid off from my job in marketing and then decided to freelance while looking for work. I was working from home and I couldn’t focus, my stuff was just really distracting me. I decided to research and discovered minimalism. I felt like this was the lifestyle I wanted to live, but as I tried to live with less I still felt like I had too much stuff. Then I read the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and I did the KonMari Method in my entire home and it worked! It also helped me to have the ideal life that I wanted of being minimalist. I was so inspired and wanted to know more about Marie Kondo, and next thing I discovered is that I could be a consultant and teach people to learn her method. I felt like this was what I was meant to do, because it really made me passionate about it. I trained to be a Certified Konmari Consultant in NYC with Marie Kondo and her team, and I evolved into becoming an organizing expert, as I also help busy professionals and families to declutter and get organized. It has been such an incredible journey for me to be able to help people to live better and feel more joy within.

If someone is new to the concept of “minimalism,” how would you describe it? 

Minimalism is about living with less things and being more intentional. It’s about having just the things that are serving you for your life today. When you have less things and only what you love, it allows you to appreciate what you have, but also gain more time to really live a more meaningful life. When you are mindful, you think twice about shopping and what you bring into your life. Also, when you have gratitude you no longer desire to want more stuff, you just want to live more life and that will bring you more happiness.

What tips and advice would you share with someone who wants to get started? 

What helped me to get started as a minimalist was watching a documentary by The Minimalists (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus) called: “Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things” on Netflix, they inspired me to become one. Just know that it’s ok to take your time with living with less, as you will have to invest time to go through all of your stuff and decide whether to keep or let go. The “Minsgame” is also a good way to test out letting go of stuff, it’s a 30 day challenge and you let go of one thing on day one, two things on day two, three things on day three, etc…by the end you will most likely want to let go of more. The KonMari Method helped me to decide what to keep in my life, it’s all about what sparks joy for you. Minimalism is a mindset, and when you start with changing the way you think about your things and why you choose to have them in your life, it will become easier to live as a lifestyle.

"Minimalism is a mindset, and when you start with changing the way you think about your things and why you choose to have them in your life, it will become easier to live as a lifestyle."

You love to travel, and also have a huge passion for supporting the local businesses in your area. What are some of the ways you’ve been able to satisfy this passion during 2020? 

Travel has always been my favorite thing to do, and when I get to be somewhere new I like to support the local wherever I go. I especially like to support local when I am at home, and in times like this with a pandemic it’s so important to help local businesses so they will survive. I have been ordering food delivery so much more and choosing to eat from the small businesses. When more places were open, I made sure to shop for food and essentials at the smaller local stores. We all know that not all restaurants and shops are surviving, so if this helps in some way I will continue to do this and I am happier to do this than shop at a big box store. As an entrepreneur, I know the struggles even just starting a business, and when you have to survive during a pandemic when you can’t provide your normal service it’s so tough. I hope people will really be more mindful where they choose to eat and shop in times like this, it can help people to continue to have a livelihood and survive.

Where are some of your favorite ways to get inspiration and recommendations? 

I get inspired when I travel and the experiences and encounters I would have. Prior to being somewhere new, I would find ideas of where to visit and eat or shop at through Instagram. Images are so important to be able to see and get a feel for what to discover, and good photography definitely inspires where I choose to go. For my own work, I get inspired through Pinterest as well and when I find beautifully designed and organized spaces, I love to share what I find. Of course, just talking to my friends and family about where they have visited and also enjoyed eating lately cause we all love to eat good food! Having Compell’d as a tool will make searching for recommendations so much easier! I am getting inspired already just checking out the lists.

"Having Compell’d as a tool will make searching for recommendations so much easier! I am getting inspired already just checking out the lists."

Thanks so much, Michele! We can't get enough of your go-to organizing items for the home list, it's a winner.

January 13, 2021

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