Katharina Baron, Director and Writer

Katharina brings her unique, international perspective to her clients as well as how she lives her life.
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LA-based Katharina Baron has directed and produced award-winning commercials and branded content for clients such as Mercedes, VW, Swarovski and CondéNast. She is a sought-after creative director, and has spoken at Digital Hollywood, Media Summit and Soho House on discussions of female empowerment and original content. She's also a published academic writer and a columnist for She’s Mercedes. We talk about life philosophy, good food, and more below.

Give us a little bit of your background. Where have you lived and traveled?

Well, I'm originally from a little village in Germany with like 700 people. I moved to Berlin to study, and afterwards studied in Paris as well. I've also lived in Barcelona, London and New York, and have traveled all over the word for different directing jobs - Shanghai, Dubai, and all around Italy to name a few. I love that I get to travel with my jobs... I find I get bored easily if I'm not traveling and exploring.

Incredible. So how did you ultimately end up in LA?

I came here on a vacation, and I was driving on this beautiful street in Silver Lake. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw what I call "the golden light." It was this beautiful light, and I hadn't seen anything like it before. I'm a person who loves to find the beauty in things, so I figured if I saw this beautiful light every day, I'll be happy here.

Spoken like a true director! What do you like most about living in LA, and what is a typical LA day for you?

The advantage of LA is you can wake up in a green environment, go for a swim or hike, and step into something that feels like a jungle or at least a huge garden. I love that about this city. As far as a typical day: I recently stopped drinking coffee, so I might get a matcha at Blackwood or ChaCha Matcha, go on a hike, do some vintage shopping and write/get lunch/work where I feel inspired - today it happens to be Chateau. But I sometimes work from the NeueHouse or the Soho House. When I have time I will go to G50 Pilates, I love that place. In the evenings, I often have events I attend.

What was your last really memorable dining experience?

NOBU in Miami during an Art Basel dinner. I must've been really hungry after a day at the art fair, because I tried so many dishes and everything was delicious. It was so good, I actually went back to NOBU in Malibu over the holidays. With the ocean sunset view in the background, the food tasted even better.

What food would you eat every day?

Ideally, I would need to move to Italy :) But in LA, Cafe Gratitude. I think to choose something to eat every day, it would be plant-based and healthy. I sometimes get their all day meal plans and juices and pick them up in the morning. Oh, or Erewhon Market! They have a great selection. 

Do you consider yourself a foodie? 

Yes. I think I became a foodie when I did a trip through Italy when I was 14. This trip made me realize that food can make you very happy (the opera can make you happy, too :) When I lived in Paris, I really enjoyed dining as well, especially after introducing fish to my diet, as I had been vegetarian for many years.

What would you say is your life philosophy?

"Go where you feel free and do what you want to do" - I think I stole this from Patti Smith. I would add that life is about finding beauty and truth where we don’t expect it. It’s about the courage to believe in yourself and others and to be raw, authentic and unpredictable.

"Life is about the courage to believe in yourself and others and to be raw, authentic and unpredictable."

I love that! What would you say inspired your career? 

People, movies, books and just the beauty of life all inspire me. As a kid, I was always telling stories, reading books and filming with my dad’s old camera. I didn’t grow up around creatives, so I studied business and journalism and found my way back to directing while working on TV documentaries, as well as by living across from an acting school in Paris. It wasn’t anything planned, but rather, I was operating (and still do!) out of curiosity for life. 

What’s next for you?

I have a music video release party with the steaming platform Kabinett that is coming out, and I will focus on directing and writing all while managing my agency.

Thanks so much, Katharina! We love looking through the amazing films in your Movie list.

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January 13, 2020

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