Jess Davis on The Too-Muchness of Everything

As a company dedicated to building mindful technology, we were interested in Jess Davis’ thoughts on the current situation.

Jess Davis, a Compell’d Connoisseur and expert in slower-living and the more mindful use of technology--who you'll hear from again in a few weeks!--is known for keeping it real. As a company that is building mindful technology for our users, we always keep a pulse on Jess’ thoughts and perspectives. In this challenging time of COVID-19, we wanted to share some of her writing to reinforce our belief in the importance of focusing our time on the important things in our lives.

This essay was originally published March 12th, 2020 on A Very Folk Rebellion, a newsletter for humans navigating the confusing crosshairs of humans, real life, and the new modern world. Part philosophy. Part journalism. Part nostalgia. 100% over it all;  written and created by Jess Davis.

There’s too much. Too much to process. Too much to feel.

Yesterday felt like 6 days. I’ve taken to late night eating pot brownies and swigging whiskey to calm the tightness in my chest while I flip flop between is it crippling anxiety? or is it early signs of the virus?

But it also feels like other times. Like strangely sunny September twelfth walking to the base of the Brooklyn Bridge to give blood with strangers who, through concerned brows and scared smiles, managed to strike up conversations over IV’s. It’s like the NYC blackout when restaurant owners and chefs took their licks and turned them upside down as a beacon of goodwill; bbq’ing their filets and lobster tails on the streets for anyone who needed fine food and a lukewarm beer. Or the days following the hurricane which left all of us very busy and self important people unable to cut the cords to work and life, giggling at the ludicrousness while sharing extension cords and power strips tethered together across a midtown avenue and then snaking up inside a closed Starbucks - like a wifi life raft.

The too-muchness is not going away anytime soon.

But our lives are about to become much more simple, if they haven’t already. We will begin shedding the unnecessary, the frivolous, the inconsequential. Things like deadlines, group workout classes, and travel are about to be sidelined. Our time, feeling ever more precious, will be spent with those we love, our families, our children. Our world, feeling ever more small, will become what lies within our four walls and how we structure our days and attitudes inside them. Our connections, feeling ever more removed and also too close, will hopefully show our humanity.

We’ve had a decade of not-enoughness of the important things.

Not enough family time because we’re too busy

Not enough reading because too much social media

No enough playing because too much sitting

Not enough baking because too much seamless

Not enough biking because too much uber

Not enough letters because too much email

Not enough cuddling because too much netflix and chill

Not enough talking because too much texting

Not enough boredom because too much work

Not enough hobbies because too much to do

Not enough walking because too much commuting

Not enough gratitude because too much entitlement

Not enough chill because too much anxiety

Not enough thinking because too much consuming

Not enough creativity because too much excuses

Not enough human being because too much human doing

Today I got to watch a group of 3rd graders sing We Are In This Word Together, almost bringing me to tears. It made me realize the gift that I am about to receive, as I take Hays out of school for the last time in…I’m not sure how long.

I’ve got all the time in the world for the not-enoughness of the important things now.

So today, today we start. And we go all the way in. The baking, the singing, the fort building, the dancing, the chilling, the cuddling, the walking, talking, cuddling, biking, the playing. Each moment will eek by in the beautiful aliveness of knowing just how precious and simple and grand life can be.

Xx Jess Davis

Stay informed. Stay safe. Breathe.

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April 2, 2020

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