Jennifer Eatz Kass, Film Producer and Founder of Jennifer Eatz Media

Get to know the producer of one of your favorite holiday films, "The Holiday."
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Jennifer Eatz Kass is not just your standard urban adventurer, she’s a film producer, mother and all around amazing person who prioritizes exploring new cities at every chance she gets. Spend a few minutes getting to know Jennifer and find some inspiration in her lists.

What inspired you to become a film producer?

I was an awkward kid and very much a dreamer. Movies were an escape for me, they felt like a two hour vacation from everyday life. I knew from a very early age, not only that I wanted to make movies, but what style of movies I wanted to make. I was intoxicated by films of the Golden Age: Casablanca, Roman Holiday, African Queen, The Apartment, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and more modern films like Tootsie, The Way We Were, Out of Africa, and Cinema Paradiso..

Based on all your travels for producing movies, what has been your most memorable location? 

Godalming in Surrey, England where we shot The Holiday was so charming and idyllic that it almost did not seem real. The townspeople were incredibly warm and welcoming. We stayed at the beautiful Pennyhill Park, a luxury hotel and spa tucked away in the countryside.

You lived in LA for several years before moving to NYC, which city do you identify with more and why?  

I met my husband and had my son in NYC. My parents are originally from New York and I have a lot of extended family members who live here. So, NY is home. I love that NY is a walking city; I walk everywhere. I eat out at least 4 meals a week, and you cannot beat the restaurants in NYC.  And since we have four seasons, fashion is a bit more interesting in NY.  

That said, I’m lucky enough to work in LA and have incredible friends there, so I get the best of both worlds. It’s easy to fall in love with the weather in Los Angeles. The beaches in Malibu and the laid back culture, in LA overall, is truly special. And the food scene in LA has grown immensely in the past 10 years. I’m sure many people would argue that it rivals NY.  There is a lot to love about the west coast lifestyle.  My only complaint about LA is that it isn’t closer to NY.  

You’re a city explorer for both work and fun, how do you go about getting to know a city?

Always on foot. I walk everywhere. Whenever I’m in a new city, my favorite thing to do is wander with no set plan - grab a coffee, window shop, stroll into gallery, stop at a local cafe for lunch or find a park bench and people watch.  

"Whenever I’m in a new city, my favorite thing to do is wander with no set plan."

Are you involved in any other projects that enable you to explore different cities?

I am on the Advisory Board of BLADE Urban Air Mobility and shoot all of their commercials. They are a technology-driven, short distance aviation company - no one flies more people in and out of city centers than Blade. It’s been incredible to be a part of their team and watch them grow.  I recently shot a spot for Blade starring actor Liev Schreiber and featuring an eVTOL, the future of urban air travel. I also snuck my little boy onto screen which was good fun!

Where do you go for recommendations?

I usually reach out to like minded friends who I trust for travel recommendations or restaurant suggestions. 

How has becoming a mother changed the way you explore your own city or any other city?  

It’s probably impacted exploration the most in terms of where we dine out. We make the most of NYC and travel a lot with our son and even though he is used to eating in restaurants (city kid), he is only 5 years old, so I tend to seek out out chic but laid back cafes over Michelin Star restaurants.

Thanks so much for sharing your perspectives with us, Jennifer! We can't wait to try the bolognese at Gigino Trattoria, thanks to your and Oscar's recommendation ;)

Discover Jennifer's lists in Compell'd
November 21, 2019

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