Why does Compell’d need me to allow location services?

Compell’d was designed to help you experience more of the things you save. To do this, we need permission to access your location so we can serve reminders at locations that are most relevant to what you have saved. For example, reminding you about a place you wanted to remember when you’re in a different part of town or our Nearby tab, that shows you all the places that you and your network have saved, based on what’s nearby you wherever you are.  

Why does Compell’d encourage me to allow “Always” location access?

To get the most out of Compell’d, enabling your location settings to Always will allow you to be reminded about things you have saved when you’re not in Compell’d. 

Will keeping my location services set to "Always" kill my phone’s battery?

In most cases, allowing “Always” location permissions doesn’t result in any noticeable  battery usage. For most users, background tracking uses only 1-2% battery per day.

Why does Compell’d need me to allow notifications?

At Compell’d, we want to help you actually experience your finds, not just note it and forget about it. The way Compell’d reminds you at the right moment is through notifications. Compell’d also notifies you of activity related to you (follow requests, etc.). You can easily adjust your notification preferences in Settings.

What does it mean to have a private list?

A private list is for your eyes only, so only you can see its contents.

What does it mean to have an unlisted list?

 An unlisted list is similar to a private list, except that it can be shared with others. Anyone whom you share an unlisted list’s link with can see it, though rest assured it will not be visible in your profile or in search results.

What does it mean to have a public list?

 A public list is viewable to everyone, both within the app and outside of the app (if this list is shared).

What does Compell’d do with my data?

Compell’d defines your data as any information contained in your account. Your data is YOURS - Compell’d does not resell your data or use it for anything other than providing you the best experience possible in the app.

What does it mean to follow a list?

By following a list, you’ll see that list in the “Your Lists” tab. This gives you easier access to the list you’re following and it allows you to see updates to the list if the owner makes any changes.

Can I really make lists of anything?

Yes! We want you to make lists of anything that you feel compelled to do or share. Just make sure it’s legal (see Privacy Policy). We reserve the right to remove content that does not adhere to our privacy policy.

What do I do if I see inappropriate content on Compell’d?

Users are prohibited from posting or otherwise engaging with explicit or inappropriate content on Compell’d, as described in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We encourage all users to report inappropriate or offensive content on Compell’d by attaching a screenshot to an email to info@compelld.com or by contacting support via the Resources section in the "Profile" tab.

Is it possible to save to Compell’d from out of the app?

Absolutely. Anytime you see the share icon (box with an arrow), you can save to Compell’d. When you find something you want to save from your photo gallery, the web, a screenshot or photo you take, or from another app, tap the box with an arrow, and then tap the Compell’d app icon. You’ll need add or edit the find name, and select the list to save this find in. 

Keep in mind - the first time, you’ll need to tap “More” after tapping the box with an arrow, and then toggle on Compell’d. 

Can people that do not have the Compell’d app see my public content?

Yes. By tapping the share button within a find, a list, or from your profile, you are able to share a web-based version of your content with people not on the app via a link.

How do I delete my account?

We’re bummed to see you go and would love feedback on why. To delete your Compell’d account, contact support via the Resources section in the "Profile" tab.

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