Community-sourced, not crowd-sourced
Compell'd is your new, effortless way to collect and share recommendations with your communities.

The easiest and most fun way to collect recommendations.

Share a Compell'd link across any platform to collect recommendations from your communities in seconds. And, your community will love how easy it is to add suggestions even if they don't have Compell'd.

A webpage for each recommendation request.

Watch the recommendations come in and the conversation with your community grow on your suggestions page. Your community will love being able to refer back to your page anytime.

Curate a beautiful, shareable list in seconds.

Curate a list from the recommendations with one tap, and easily share the final list with your community (which they'll love). Bonus: you won't have to copy and paste or screenshot anything to make a useful list ever again.
See for yourself why more and more people are using Compell'd every day.

Stay in the loop on the latest Compell'd Connoisseurs, the lists we're loving, and other topics we can't get enough of.

Thanks for joining us, we're excited to have you.
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