10 Places To Have Fun While Social Distancing In The D.C. Area

If you’re extroverted like me, this global crisis and all of it’s pre-cautionary measures can illicit anxiety, depression and other negative mental health issues. Be sure to check reputable sources and websites like the WHO to stay up to the minute on what’s acceptable for leaving your homes.

With all the information that’s out as of today, we’re encouraged to stay home as much as possible. But, if you need to get out to protect your sanity and experience some happiness out in nature—here is my Top 10 list of places to go in the Washington D.C. area. There’s plenty of fresh oxygen to breathe in, nature (trees, water and plants) to feed your soul and lots of room to stand, walk or bike at least 6 feet from other people. Please be safe out there! My thoughts are with you all!

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