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Combat-Ready Balm | Skincando

Cleanliness is always important! However, it's essential to frequently wash our hands since we've been in quarantine. Keeping my hands consistently clean is something I've always done, but Skincando's Combat-Ready Balm has saved me from having perpetually dry hands for as long as I can remember. Even before this pandemic started, I was a constant hand-washer (self-professed germophobe here!) and needed something I knew was powerful and practical. Skincando is military-grade, used by soldiers on the frontlines as a multipurpose balm for eczema, scars, and even sunburn. If it works for those, imagine it's effects for just moisturizing your hands! After I started using the Balm, my skin felt deeply moisturized, renewed, and ready for anything (even combat!). Since I began using it, it's become my go-to daily moisturizer. I love that it's functional, effective, and locally-made in Silver Spring, too! No matter what I've done to my hands, or how often I wash them, the Combat-Ready Balm has saved my skin every time.



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