Coats to Covet


Short leather jacket

Don't we all love to pretend we are cool enough to ride a motorcycle? I do. For the record, I could not even manage a vespa so it is all a…

Trench coat with pleated inset

A classic trench is always a good choice. A sassy back side makes this piece all the more special. Business in the front, twirl in the back.


Let's put it this way, the day I had to be cut out of a jacket because I zipped my scarf into it, was the day I started to buy jackets…


Martin Carvi straight coat in double fancy weave. I mean you had me at fancy weave! And it's French, mais oui!

Sézane - Will Jacket

Hello Fall, is it me you're looking for? Well in this jacket I Will be! Throw on this jacket, a black turtleneck and head out for a bike…

Sézane - James Coat

Too short, too long, or jusssttt right. Little Red Riding Hood knew what she was talking about and so do the makers of the jacket. Late…

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