Quarantine Games

Ways to entertain yourself and your housemates while we are all stuck at home. Aren’t we all tired of puzzles?



A family favorite. Set up your board on the dining room and have at it! Players beware, manicures will suffer. It’s worth it.

Bocce - Indoor sets available!

Bocce is a fabulous game to play in ones own yard, if you are so lucky. Otherwise, I have recently noticed an uptick on indoor sets so we…


In an effort to step up my cool factor, I have outfitted my basement with a dart board. We have a family cricket tournament going. We have…

Gin Rummy

This is our family vacation game. I have a deck of cards in my suitcase. We play everywhere we go but for some reason never play at home.…


Lawn bowling... not just for your grandparents! Let’s get our coordination in order for when we need to avoid that rat on 2nd Ave!

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