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We love discovering new things and then doing them. Super delicious restaurants, off-the-beaten-path vacations, the latest must-see art exhibit or film—we want in on all of it. But lately, it seems like “doing things” is getting to be a lot of work. The sheer amount of information and content that bombards us each day makes it easy to forget where we saw that recipe we wanted to try or saved that list of great bar recommendations from our friend. The next thing we know, we’re back at square one, planning and organizing at precisely the moment we want to be out there, experiencing. 

This is the problem that brought us, Compell’d co-founders, together. How could we help people pack more joy into their lives, to experience more of what matters? How could we make it easier for people to access recommendations from people they trust and then connect over their shared experiences? Admittedly, some self-interest was at play: Shruti, an urban explorer, wanted an easier way to do all the things she saved from all over the place. Johnvey, a food connoisseur, wanted recommendations from friends and trusted sources at his fingertips. And Chris, our resident fun guy, wanted to more easily share his list of favorite things and places with all his friends.   

So we put our heads together and figured out how to make an app that did all of the above (and more!) 

Say hello to Compell’d. And bid farewell to rifling through countless screen shots and open browser tabs, dusty magazine pages you’ve dog-eared, haphazard to-do lists in your phone notes, the burden of asking a friend to re-send a lost text or email, and all the other hassles that come with tracking and sharing the things you want to do in this content jungle. 

Ultimately, our mission is to embolden people in doing what matters, ignoring what doesn’t, and sharing the richness of their lives with one another. No matter what you love or seek, if it’s in Compell’d, we’ll help you make it happen.

Let's get to what's worth doing.

We hope to connect with you on Compell’d, 

Shruti, Johnvey, and Chris

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