Get to what's worth doing.
Compell’d turns the recommendations you find everywhere into experiences worth sharing.
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We believe the most important human experience is doing and sharing what we're compelled to do.

So, why do we save the things we're compelled to do all over the place and forget about them, or:
If you save it in Compell'd, we'll help you make it happen. Here's how...

Discover anywhere, save your finds here.

Places, links, screenshots, photos, or texts of things you want to do — it’s a content jungle out there. Save all your amazing finds in seconds in one beautifully-organized app. (That’s us.)

Bring your finds to life with interactive, smart lists.

With features that make your lists smart--place and time reminders, one-tap directions, rideshare and more--your finds resurface at the right moment so you can experience more of them.

Share your lists, save time, make people happy.

The best experiences are the ones we can't wait to share. Lists of your favorites can be easily shared anywhere with a click. (You'll never go back to unwieldily e-mails, texts or shared docs again.)

Access recommendations from people you trust

Because who wouldn't prefer to find cool things from people they trust instead of random strangers online? Follow lists from people you trust and copy the finds you want to keep for yourself.

“You wonder how we lived without smartphones? I wonder how we ever lived without Compell'd. It helps me experience more of the things I find and it is magic.


“It's so easy to take screenshots and completely forget about them. With Compell'd, I actually do the things I save.”


“This is easily the best way to share recommendations. My friends love it when I send a Compell'd list, rather than a slew of texts or a shared doc.”


Stay in the loop on the latest Compell'd Connoisseurs, the lists we're loving, and other topics we can't get enough of.

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